About Us

Church history

  • May 20, 1973   First service held in the Civic Association Building at Pine Island Center    Mission Developer: The Rev. John M. Warnes, D.D.
  • May 24, 1974   Fishers of Men organized with 87 Confirmed Charter Members and 12 Baptized Charter Members
  • April 1, 1974  The Rev. George C. Serbe, Jr. called as First Pastor
  • September 5, 1974  Church Site mortgage paid in full
  • March 25, 1975  Church Site purchased
  • December 5, 1976  Ground breaking for church building
  • May 22, 1977   Dedication of church building – First service held in new building  Additional acre received as gift from DMNA
  • April 25, 1980   Fifth Anniversary celebrated – Refinanced mortgage with Lutheran Brotherhood
  • June 1981   Pastor Serbe leaves: accepted call to Sun City Center FL
  • February 1, 1982   The Rev. Peter E. Nelson begins duties as our Called Pastor
  • May 20, 1990   Mortgage Burning Ceremony
  • March 1991   Purchased new organ
  • January 1993   The Rev. Roger H. Lemke begins duties as our Called Pastor
  • October 1993   Church breaks ground for addition of our Fellowship Hall
  • January 15, 1995   Dedication of Fellowship Hall
  • November 1998   Fishers of Men sponsors a sister church in Guatemala, La Iglesia Luterana Augustina de Guatemala.
  • March 28, 1999   Celebration of our 25th Anniversary

February 6, 2004   Became an Independent Lutheran church

The Luther Rose

Martin Luther designed his seal as his personal Coat of Arms and as a mnemonic device to aid Christians in memorizing the heart of the Gospel.

Luther rose

  1. The Black Cross symbolized that our sins crucified Jesus.
  2. However, the black cross is set within a Red Heart, which reminds us that despite our sins Jesus loves us and gives us new life.
  3. The heart is placed in the center of a White Rose to show us that faith in the resurrected Christ should bring us joy, comfort and peace.
  4. The background for the white rose is Sky Blue to denote that through hope we should anticipate our heavenly blessedness in this life and therefore we should be living in this world with the beginning of our heavenly joy.
  5. The entire scene is surrounded by a Golden Ring to signify that the gift of eternal life is endless and is the most precious gift that we could receive.